The art of making ballerinas

Each pair is carefully manufactured on the mediterranean island of Menorca, in a process involving more than 60 craftsmen and women, using only the finest materials in the world

1. Design

The magic begins with a spark of inspiration. Our designers translate their vision into beautiful sketches, capturing the essence of grace and movement.

2. Leather check

Only the finest leathers are chosen for their quality, suppleness, and aesthetic. Each hide is meticulously inspected to ensure flawless beauty.

3. Hand Cutting

Skilled artisans transform the designer's vision into reality. Using sharp tools and a steady hand, they meticulously cut the leather pieces that will become the ballerina's form.

4. Stitching

With the precision of a surgeon and the artistry of a sculptor, experienced craftspeople carefully stitch the leather pieces together. Each stitch adds strength and defines the delicate curves of the ballerina.

5. Molding and assembling?

Here, the ballerina takes shape. Skilled hands gently mold the leather pieces to create the signature graceful form of a Pretty Ballerina. The different components are meticulously assembled, ensuring a perfect fit.